Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Electric Car Goodness.

Massimo drove his electric car to the Earthfest on Saturday and it was the sexiest electric car out there. It looked really professional. Lots of the other cars looked like, what is the word..?outdated? rudely slapped together?

Anyway, he drove it to work yesterday for the first time. 55 miles round trip. He still had plenty of juice left. He went about 60 on the way there. On the way home he went upwards of 65 and actually seemed to get better readings (on the voltage and battery usage) then.

He made a website about the stats of the car. You can feel free to share with anyone else interested. More pictures will be posted on there later.


I was also going to say that he estimated that it will cost about $7.oo a week in electricity and save about $30 a week in gas. That will save us about $1500 in a year. YEAH!!!

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Shawn said...

That is so awesome! Corey was super impressed! Can't wait to see you all on thursday..I need an electric car to visit all of you out south! :)