Sunday, February 24, 2008

What to do.

Knowing what to do with life situations is really hard sometime. We supposed to be buying land. We really like it and I think we would like living there. BUT. The county is being difficult and stubborn. Not so fun when you think of having to go through them to build a house and all that. :( So now we are at the point of several decision impacting the others. LIke A) do we try to sell our house and move to a rental? b) Do we try to build our house this year? c) I will be having a baby in september so.....that is a big factor as well.

BLAH!! We are going to call and have a pow-wow with the builders we think we want to use and get a feel for the process and what they think about the county rules and that kind of jazz. It is so many unknowns and I am a planner and do-er. I hate to wait around for someone else to get there shit together. I know there will be lots of that when we build though. UGH.

Looks like we ultimately may wait until next spring to build so we will have everything lined up the way we REALLY want it.

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