Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tre Giorni

3 days people! 3 days until we will be on a plane with small children! What? you don't want to come? Ha ha!! I think it will be fine. We have lots of snacks and things to play with.

I have had no energy or motivation for these last few days. Lucky for me, the kids fell asleep on the way home from dance class this morning. So I unloaded them and got to take a nap. I feel better but still dragging.

We had an appointment with our Midwife last night. She is wonderful. We are excited to be working with her.


Deanna said...

I wanna come! Even with the small children on the plane! I'd even bring my own small children cause I like the adrenaline rush that comes from traveling long distances with small children.

seriously...can I come too?

Mamaperreca said...

If you have lost enough weight from your fast, maybe I can put you in our suitcase? HA HA!! I would love to go sometime with lots of friends and rent a house for a week. :)