Monday, February 18, 2008

Its alive!!


The electric car lives! Massimo took it on its maiden voyage today. He had to take it to get the wheels aligned. It still has a few mechanical quirks he needs to fix. Such as the heat, radio, the brakes need more work, things like that. I have a video I am trying to upload to You Tube. I will post about it when I get it working. It is just a 30 second clip of the car driving down the road. Its pretty exciting.

We are on the countdown to Italy. I am also on the countdown to actually having to speak some Italian. Luckly, most places people speak some english. So i figure between the two we will get by fine. We leave in 12 days. WOO HOO!

We had a nice weekend with my mom. Got to go visit my Aunt Roberta. She is in a nursing home. She is doing excellent and might be able to move to assisted living at some point soon. I hope so, she misses her pets and seems really bored at the home.

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Shawn said...

WOW that is so awesome!!!! Congrats! Corey was so impressed :) Have fun in Italy! :)