Thursday, February 28, 2008

Due Giorni

2 Days! We are getting so close. I plan to pack our suitcases tonight, that way I have tomorrow if we are missing anything.

Here is my thoughts that I shared on my moms board this morning:

So apparently there is no where to get dollars exchanged for Euros in Kansas City. This is ridiculous. I mean, I know we are not a huge port city or anything, but surely there are plenty of upper class people in KC (leawood) that travel to Europe occasionally.

What a pain in the ass. I was trying to find a way to convert our money before we get there because we will be arriving in Italy on a Sunday. The banks will be closed.

Good NEWS: As I was typing this post DH found out that a fellow Marine at work has 100 euros (150 dollars) he came back from Spain with. SO we are going to exchange with him. That should get us by for several days.

Damn though, times like this I really feel like KC is hick-ville trying to pretend it is a city. :roll:

And we will never change the USA to Euros anytime in my lifetime, because the old white men running the country believe it to be a sign of Armageddon to have one world currency. :roll:

Plus I have a freakin' migraine this morning. UGH! I am going to see the Chiropractor today. I think it is coming from my neck.

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Abbie said...

There are places in the airports that are open most of the time that will exchange for you, although you may not get the best rates.