Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tacos at 3pm.

Hey all. I am still here. Still alive. I actually haven't felt that bad at all, just unmotivated. I am already up to 8 weeks! Wow Times fun when your having flies! HA HA! I was just thinking you know you are pregnant when you are eating Tacos at 3 in the afternoon. I left all the food out because I know I will want more in about an hour. I am sure there are lots of people that are eating at 3pm today, because they partied last night for the start of Mardi Gras festivities and they just now feel good enough to eat. BTDT. My sister was bartending last night, so I hope she made a bunch of money.

We got out taxes done finally. They turned out pretty good. Our refund was about what we expected. We need to adjust things a little more for next year but shouldn't be a problem. Turbo Tax is wonderful. Although I get really sick of everyone nickel and diming me, pay 40 for the software. Then we had to pay 17 to file state electronically, and 17 to file the federal electronically. Then if you would like that deducted from your refund, its 29.50? What? No thanks, I paid with my debit card for free.

I guess today is the Superbowl. We don't watch it because we don't have TV stations. We limit our viewing to movies only. To be honest, I don't know when I ever had the time to watch TV in the first place. I got the new Stephen King book "Duma Key". So far it is good. I am on page 136 already.

Oh I went and got a massage on Saturday. It was great! Just what I needed. If I was rich I would get a massage once a week. Oh yeah.

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