Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things I have made.

I have finally gotten some projects finished around here and wanted to show them off. Please be gentle. This is my first major woodworking project. There are several blemishes, but I think it turned out pretty well. The drawer was a major Pain in the ass, so I opted to not do the second drawer and just leave it for large toy storage. See those cute fabric storage bins? I made those too! I plan to fill the whole storage unit with them. So it will look pretty awesome once I get those all done. I have a 4th cubby unit for the second side but it is currently being used for my fabric storage. These are modular and you can rearrange them however you like.
Got the plans from Ana White over at

Next is this bench. I already had the kids, the bench is the new item. Or should I say old item. The previous house owners left it here. It was a glider but was broken and very weathered. I took the glider part off and left it as a bench. Then I painted it with some left over white enamel in the garage. It was great because I wanted it distressed, and boy is it distressed. HA HA!! I left lots of wood grain and edges showing. It turned out great!!

Here is a side view where you can see the "distressed" parts on the sides and bottom pieces.

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