Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

It was a huge success! We got some much stuff done. I can hardly believe it.

I am fighting the battle with the animals for my garden. I am determined to win. I will do even better next year, because our fence is up and I can take advantage of planting the first time around instead of the all replanting.

DH worked all day Saturday to get our fence up. We may have to add some chicken wire around the gate and the bottom of the fence to keep the rabbits out, but the main structure is up and will be for years to come. The garden plot is approximately 40x60. WHEW!! The big steel gate was laying down by the creek. It was not being used so we put it to good use. Its about an $80-100 dollar gate. That is reuse/recycle!

I got a trailer full of mulch for $35. I have re-mulched the yard landscaping beds. I mulched around the clubhouse and tree swing, they were both bare of grass and muddy. Under the clubhouse we plan to build a sand box.

Then Gioia and I pulled all the weeds around the Roses. I also was trimming some grass and cut through our internet line. So i didn't have internet until Monday. Good way to unplug and get some work done, huh? HA HA!! We got it all mulched there too.

Then last be certainly not least. We were going to kill some of our chickens. This has been the plan all along but I hadn't help do it since I was a kid. My mom came down and we got started. We did one of the biggest roosters, only to find out that he isn't that big after all. So they need to wait several more weeks. We also determined that they are eating too much grass and need to eat more feed. SO they are now not mobile in their coop any more. They are going to be stationary for the next few weeks for fattening up. On the up side, DH and I learned how to kill dress and clean them. It was really quite simple.

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