Monday, May 17, 2010

New chicks!

We got a few new chicks today. I needed more right? LOL!! Well these should be our layers assuming they are girls. We have a 50/50 chance right? We only got three and they are very sweet. They let us hold them without much fuss. They even have names.

This first one is an Easter Egger, so her name is Bunny. She should lay green and blue eggs. She also has green colored legs and feet.

Second is a Maran. Her name is Mary. She has black fuzzy feet. She will lay very dark reddish brown eggs.

Last is a Polish. She has a funny fuzzy head. The lady said she will probably turn out to be a Khaki color. Of all the three, this is the one we are least sure about the sex. Polish don't have much of a identifiable comb or waddle. They said if the head feathers were more round it had a better chance of being a female, so that is what we went with. This ones name is Foofy. If Foofy is a girl she will lay smaller white eggs. Polish are not super producers and they quit laying in the cold weather totally but they are neat looking.

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