Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Chickens are growing and one new guy/gal.

Our littlest chickens are growing. Its been 2.5 weeks since we got them. I think they were really only about 6 weeks old when we got them, so they would now be 8. It makes more sense with their size.

We got a new guy or gal. His is a suspected Rooster, but could still be a hen. So for now his name is Otis (Barnyard movie reference) . If he turns out a girl the name will be Mama Oty (Princess and the Frog movie reference). The kids said we could then sing "Don't matter what you look like, Don't matter you got crazy hair." Otis is a frizzled Polish. If it isn't obvious, the frizzle gene is what makes his hair curl up and look all crazy. We think he is cool. He is still real skittish and runs from us. Hopefully he will chill out and be friendly.

Here is Mary or Francois. Marans are a French breed, so if he is a boy it is Francois. Mary will either be a Rooster or the Head Hen. She is Bossy! You can't tell in this picture, but she has a really fluffy butt. She has some sister on her!

Bunny - 8 Weeks. Bunny is the most adorable. Very gentle and calm. She is starting to get her cheek tufts. Look how much she has grown from the last time.

Foofy has changed the most for the good. She was kind of scraggly and dirty when we brought her home. She has fluffed up and grown a lot. Yes, there is purple dye on her hair. The others were pecking her (MARY!). So you are supposed to put coloring on the red pecked part so they don't keep pecking. I also used Tea Tree Oil on the other head feathers so they would be detered by both smell and taste if they tried it.


Christina said...

Wow, they are doing well on that natural feed, aren't they?! Love the new Frizzle! Foofy is looking awesome.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to ask if mary is still a mary or a francois? My maran looks just like that and I am hopeing for a hen. thanks