Saturday, July 17, 2010


Well the chicken adventure has been quite exciting lately. Let me go back a week or so to tell the whole story.

4th of July weekend - We went to Mom's house. We had a great time at my Uncle Bobs cabin. The cousins took a collection and bought fireworks for a huge fireworks show. It was really great. Then Gioia and Dominic stayed all night for 3 extra days. Massimo and I came home on Sunday and the kids stayed till Wed.The chickens were fine while we were gone.

Then the next weekend of the 10th. MY BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday to me! Massimo's sister and family came to visit. We had a great time with them as well. We went swimming, ate good food, drank some beer and had some laughs.

Then Sunday morning Massimo went out to open the chicken house and a raccoon had gotten in and killed 5 of the 10 meat birds. CRAP!! So Sunday evening we butchered the remaining 5 birds. So meat birds done.

Monday I cleaned and fixed up the coop. Tuesday we put the new birds in there. Wed. morning I went out and all of my "girls" are now crowing! DANG IT!! I also noticed that Otis, my Polish Frizzle was gone. We later found a pile of feathers and a couple tiny bones. A fox (we think) pulled him through a 2-3 inch gap. To fix this problem, we took the wheels off the front of the chicken tractor. So far all seems well now. Darn predators.
We went Thursday night and picked up 4 girls (for sure!!). I will get better pictures when I can. But the first day they did not lay. Today 2 of the girls that are 1 year old laid eggs! WOO HOO!! The two black ones we are calling The Twins should start laying this summer but they are not quite yet. Cinnamon is a Cinnamon Queen and Ginger is an Easter Egger (or Barnyard mix). Ginger may not be a true EE because she laid a brown egg instead of Green but thats ok.

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