Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The wind did it.

So one of the big points of this blog are to log things about the kids. Here goes.

Lately when something happens that Gioia thinks might get her in trouble, the wind did it. The wind and air pushed Dominic down. The wind tied her shirt to the shade. We were having a lieing problem for a while, so know it has changed to stories. I am ok with it. A friend and I were talking and this is kids saying what they wished was the truth. If it is something like pushing or hurting people I let her know that the wind and air might have to have a time out. It usually stops. Otherwise we talk about what the wind could do to make it better, or fix it. Then she will usually do it herself. Gioia aka "the wind". HA HA!!

Dominic: He has this funny thing he has been doing. If he is talking to me and I am busy, or he wants me to tell him something he will shout, "Mom speak English." Only it is said, Mom speak En-ga-lish. It cracks me up.

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