Thursday, March 20, 2008


So next time you have a sinus infection you don't need antibiotics. I yes, I did say that. :) YOu need Nasosympatico and a few homeopathics. Here is an image of a lady doing Nasosympatico. Notice she only has one Q-tip in her nose. I had 3 in each side. That makes 6 folks. I was brave and it seriously only hurt a tiny bit when he put it in the sore side of my face. But I feel 80% well today only 24 hours later. I am sure by tomorrow or the next day I will be AWESOME!! :)

Today it is almost 70 degrees. So we went to a coffee shop at a church, they have an indoor play area for the kids. We had a picnic lunch there. Then we walked around the pond and feed the geese. The kids played on the playground and now they are sound asleep in the car. I just left them there. I am sitting outside soaking up the sun waiting for them to wake up. Yes, the car windows are down. :)

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