Friday, March 14, 2008

Finally closing!

Well its the day we been waiting months for. We will finally be closing on our land today. Yippee! We have decided to wait until next year to sell our house and build the new one. I think it is a good choice. I hope it works out ok. This housing market being so unpredictable, one never knows whether it will be better or worse next year. For us it is harder than most people cause we have 2 (almost 3) kids and the 2 large dogs. So we can't rent an apartment. We will have to rent a house or something where we can have the pets with us. We are hoping to be able to rent something close to our property then we can go out and work on the house every day or whenever we need to. All of this also means we have a year to figure out all the perfect things we want our house to have. We got a lot of good ideas about things we like when we were in Italy. Looking at the homes there was nice.

So this afternoon we are closing on the land. Then we are going out to eat to celebrate! This year we will be out there a lot just letting the kids run around. Possibly planting some trees. Camping out there with friends. I can't wait.

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