Thursday, March 27, 2008

Green Eggs and Ham

So my 4.5 year old is reading. She has been really reading for a couple months now. I am so excited about it. Of course, most people think it is only a parental pride thing but really it is a LOT more than that. I love to read. I read all the time. If its not a book, I am reading on my computer. I read to the kids. Gioia loves to read as well. From an infant she would bring me books and just want me to read all day. Dominic is just getting into books. It took him longer but he really enjoys them now. SO I have been waiting for the day when Gioia can start reading and really get to experience stories and exploring worlds in her books.

We started with Bob Books and some Dick and Jane stuff. She has really done well with them. So the other night we were going to read stories for bedtime. I picked Green Eggs and Ham. The kids love it, DH likes to read it. We asked Gioia to read the first page. It says "I am Sam." Then she precedes to read the entire 60 page book to us! I am serious. I was stunned and SO HAPPY! Of course we had to help her with some of the really hard words, but basically after we told them to her one time she would remember them the next time. It was so cool. I had to go get my sister and have her come watch. Then the next morning she was reading it again. I videotaped her for a minute or so reading. I asked her to read a little louder, so she is practically shouting.

Anyway. That is my mama brag of the week. :)

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Shawn said...

Jaime I think that is wonderful! I love hearing that she is reading! We love to read too.