Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Italy Pictures.

Well I took quite a few pictures. Actually looking at them. It doesn't seem like much, but we were sick and my mind wasn't into it some days. This will give you the short version of some of the cool things we saw. The town in the pictures of the group Family was Trieste. It is near the border. They actually went into Slovenia and had lunch. It was about 30 minutes away. There is sea on one side of this town and mountains starting on the other. Massimo didn't take a picture of it, but our Gioia was really excited that the sea had all these Jellyfish in it. I guess it is quite common to see them all bunched up by the shore. Dominic and I didn't get to make it on this outing because we were sick that day. It is where my husbands father and his half sisters Mia and Gioia live. His dad sells products from Sardegna. It is one of the Italy islands and is where Massimo was born. There is a picture of him working at his booth at the market.

Link to Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24599218@N06/sets/

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Abbie said...

I have a picture of those red flowers at the ruins! :)

It is truly impressive that your children are already world travelers!