Thursday, October 11, 2007

Re-doubling my efforts

So I have been thinking about food and health lately. It was interesting that a friend posted this very same stuff on her blog this week. My issue is stemming from the fact that I seem to have these little sores..canker sores maybe on my tongue that keep coming back and they really hurt. DH also just had an ulcer that he went to the Naturopath and got help with healing it up. We have really been slacking lately with our conscious food choices. Easy things to fix, like not eating a proper variety of veggies, or not eating enough salad and raw things. We decided that for our Anniversary (Sept. 30th) we were going to buy a juicer. After DH gets paid this friday we are going to do just that. Hopefully we can make those combo veggie/fruit juice drinks and stop buying store juice.

So far so good today. Oatmeal for breakfast and water to drink. Need to sort out lunch and dinner. Salad is on the menu somewhere in there. I also need to buy some new Probiotics to help our guts get back to where they need to be.

I once told my husband wouldn't it be great if we were so healthy that eating fast food made us sick! He was like, well yeah, that is kind of warped thinking but I see your point.

In other news, the electric car project is coming along quite nicely. He has ordered the engine, controller and all that stuff. It will be here in a couple weeks. We are so excited. The man he ordered the engine from also makes these cars for people to buy. They cost 11,000 but TOTALLY worth the expense. You use zero gas for one thing. The engine is supposed to last 50 years. The batteries like 5 years. Anyway, here is the website, if you want to check it out. This man said Discovery channel has contacted him about doing a show on his electric cars. So if you were thinking about a Prius, just do this instead!!
I was re-reading the above and just to make clear, we are just ordering parts and my DH is building the car himself, so it will only cost us about 8000. Then we get tax credits for about 1/2 that and we will sell his current work car. So all said and done I think we will only be out about 3000. That is cheaper than what we have into his work car currently. GOOD DEAL!!

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