Friday, October 05, 2007


Last night my sister volunteered to watch the kids for a couple hours while DH and I went out to eat. GREAT! Then yesterday Gioia started running a fever. She had it all day and was sleeping most of the day. My sister assured us she could handle it so we went ahead and went out for dinner. I said, If she throws up or anything call me and we will come home. So dinner went fine, then we went to Costco for groceries. About the time we were getting ready to check out, she called and Gioia puked. Ok... we are paying and heading home. 10 minutes later she calls again and says Don't go in the downstairs bathroom, we are heading for a bath. Dominic pooped/diarrhea everywhere! OH MY! Poor sister. Well, it turns out Dominic just had a messy poop, probably from the WHOLE pear he ate at lunch time. He was fine. My sister gave Gioia a homepathic I had and she didn't barf anymore and is feeling pretty good today.

My DH laughed and said that this is good for my sis. This is her new line of work. She is going to Nursing school right now. HA HA!! Anyway, it was all under control when we got back and everyone slept pretty good.


Alissa said...

Yeah what's that homeopathic called? I think we need some of that over here. I think everybody I know is sick this week, ugh.

mamaperreca said...

We used Gelsemium. It worked really well.