Sunday, October 07, 2007

Another wedding

We have had a really fun weekend so far. My cousin Jason got married to his Fiance Sarah. Gioia was the flower girl again, this time it was planned that way. Ha ha!! The rehearsal was Friday night. We had smoked brisket and chicken afterwards, that Jason cooked. It was excellent! Really good. When Gioia was rehearsing she was concerned because there were no flower petals in her basket. She insisted she needed something to throw so we filled the basket with dried leaves. It was pretty cute. The ringer bearer was only 2, so they held hands to walk down the aisle.

I have to say it was the fastest wedding I EVER been to. It literally lasted 10-15 minutes. They just walked in, did the vows and walked back out. Everyone looked really lovely though. It was outside and real nice weather. The party was just great. Sarah and Jason met singing Karaoke at a bar. So of course they had Karaoke at the wedding. They had a margarita machine, beer, food, DJ. It was really fun. I have never been to a place were everyone that got up to sing was really good. However, Sarah's family is very talented. Ever single person that sang was great. Including myself of course. LOL! They also handed out Koozies that said "Sarah and Jason got married and all I got was this damn Koozie. October 6th, 2007." I love it.

There was only one moment of aggravation and that was when some guy at the reception got pissy at Massimo. Dominic got all excited and was rough housing with a little girl about 5 years old. He pushed her twice and Massimo got up to go stop him. The guy says "that your boy?" Massimo said Yeah. I am handling it. The guy said "Not fast enough." Massimo said something back and gave the guy a pissed off stare. I mean, seriously people, no one was crying or hurt, just chill out.

I do have pictures but they are on my 35mm camera and I actually have to get them developed. Remember those cameras of old that use film? Crazy!


Boo said...

Jaime I am so sorry someone acted that way toward Massimo! How completely rude! Was it a guy sitting at the table by the DJ? If so, then I know who it was and I apologize. Kids will be kids! It was the older ones who made a mess of of my cousin's boys ripped apart one of the cameras. Oh well.

mamaperreca said...

Yeah sarah, that table. It is SOO not your fault. I mean, we give the kids cake and sugar, what do people expect! HA HA!!