Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mama brags.

We were at the Chinese restaurant after church Sunday and we got fortune cookies. Gioia wanted to read hers by herself, but she can't read yet. So I told her that she could read the lucky numbers. I helped her figure out 39, and 13 then the next number was 26. I said, what number is 2, 6,? She said "8". After I picked my jaw up off the floor I said, Yes, 2 + 6 makes 8. But when they write it like this>>> It is Twenty six. She said Oh ok. Twenty six. WOW! We have been working on simple addition, but I wasn't sure it was clicking yet or if she was just counting.

We got Handwriting without Tears workbook. I explained that it was a "real" schoolbook and when we did the pages I would like her to work hard and be serious. She took that to heart and LOVES IT! She did 10 pages or so the first day. She is up to 27 pages total this week. It has about 90 pages total in the book. She does it when she wants and for how long she wants.

Dominic is into animals and knows the names of tons of them. He can also pronounce the Italian words really well. I am working on teaching him his colors. We need to work on our numbers to 10 as well.

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