Thursday, December 14, 2006

P. Boo!

Dominics new word is "P BOO!" aka Peek a boo. :) He likes to play peek a boo and is so funny. He is also giving MMM UH (kisses). Tonight we had a funny display. I had a bowl of ice cream and was sharing with him. He would open his mouth and lean over to me. I would give him a bite, then he would give me a kiss MMM UH. Then he would laugh and make a stinky face! He is such a riot. Also he likes to dig in the trash. Not so cute. Tonight he grabbed a can out of there and cut his finger. I was making dinner. Putting a band-aid on a toddler is like putting a dress on a cat. Not going to happen.

Gioia woke up this morning, came out of her room and said "SHH!! I need to sleep in my bed." I said, Good morning do you wanna come downstairs? She said, "NO! SHH I need to sleep!" Slammed the door and went back to bed for 30 minutes. When she came out the second time she was nice and pleasant. HA HA!! I guess brother and I were being too loud. We rode bikes outside and went to the park today as well. It was AWESOME and in the upper 50's.

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