Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas presents

We did our family christmas this weekend. We will be at my in-laws for actual Christmas day, so we did our family gift exchange this weekend. It went really well. I think everyone got what they wanted. Kids got a train set, Gioia got a new Waldorf Baby and Dominic got a music instrument set. I got a neck pillow, clothes and new book. Massimo got his Dremel. I want to say before anyone thinks we are insane, I did not pay those prices for Gioia's baby. We bought them at a discount and made them ourselves. OHH!! And how could I forget Gioia got an art easel and long story short... I have green paint stained on my carpet. That was not in the master plan.

We had our KCAP christmas party and it went fabulous. I was worried cause the host has a smaller house, but it was almost 70 outside and so we were on the deck. The kids jumped on the trampoline and it worked out nicely.

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supergirlest said...

look at those cutie patootie kiddies!!!!