Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catch up post

You know how it goes. I get on a roll of posting and then life happens and I slack off. So here is the obligatory catch up post of the week. The picture above is some of the tie-dye shirts we did a couple weeks ago. They turned out great. Those two are mine. The kids made some as well and they look just as great.

The kids had the Charlottes Web performance and dance recital. It was awesome.

I got the rest of my garden planted today. I bought about 8 more tomato plants, more peppers, replacement broccoli and cauliflower (since the dang rabbits ate it). The stupid chickens are about to stress me out. They don't just eat the grass, they mow the damn stuff down. We have to move them every day or they kill the grass. The problem? Well our coop doesn't move and when we did move it, the legs broke. We are trying to build a new coop that is lighter for the mobile one, but the rain has been holding us up. Ugh.

We are finished with most of the kids classes for the summer (gymnastics, theatre, dance and sunday school) so things should slow down a bit. However, now our weekends get busier with activites. So far this month we have something every weekend. But hey, its fun stuff so no biggie right? :)

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