Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a busy weekend looks like.

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. We have been super busy. I was tooting my own horn yesterday about the amount of stuff i got done. We had a super productive weekend. So much so that next weekend we can actually move on to some other stuff. So here is some of what our weekend looked like.

So saturday I needed to plant some more in the garden. As I got started I realized it was getting weedy and wouldn't it be easier to plant freshly tilled? So I got out our new tiller. WORTH EVERY PENNY! Self propelled! Nice. The baby is scared of it and DH had to go to the hardware store, so I did what any mom would do, I put the baby on my back and did it!

Then of course, after that there is nothing to be done but run in it barefoot. You know i named my blog Barefoot Outside for a reason. My kids do get it from me! Oh but I didn't mention that first I shoveled two buckets of cow manure on there.

Then I planted about 3 rows in the garden. Later in the day, I scooped the poo out of the chicken house and into the compost pile. The chickens are really growing and getting fat. We also tried letting them out. They did well and didn't wander far from the coop. DH and I spent most of Sunday afternoon building a new pen that will have wheels and be part of our portable "chicken Tractor" aka a mobile coop and pen. Should have pictures of that in a day or two.

The chickens, eggs and garden won't be producing until later in the summer, but in the meantime if you need any Dandelions come on by. We have lots. Boo!

After Saturday working hard outside. I came in and made homemade pizza and yellow cake chocolate chip cupcakes (from scratch). Sunday we also squeezed in church, sunday school and I made Italian Sausage Pasta for dinner. Now we are just going to relax and be happy. Like this.

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Christina said...

Man, your chickens ARE getting so big!! Like the pic of them!!