Thursday, April 08, 2010

18 months old!

Man how time flies. That is exactly why I don't post on this blog as much as I would like, busy busy busy. We are planting the garden, raising the chickens, doing homeschool stuff and our own projects of course.

Luca is 18 months old as well. He is talking up a storm. He is also doing hilarious toddler stuff. Today i was singing and he put his hand on my mouth and said "stop". My husband said he did this to him several days ago as well. Funny! He loves to play outside and will bring his shoes to me. He loves to jump. He will jump off the couch, bed and on anything bouncy. He was getting ready to nurse the other day and he said "Nom Nom!" in this growly voice. So far he is pretty fearless and will climb up the stairs and go down the slide without help. He is very sweet. Tonight he was blowing his sister kisses at bedtime and saying Bye to her. :)

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Sarah said...

He is so adorable! Allie likes to hold out her hand and say "Stop!" when people are singing too. :)