Saturday, October 17, 2009

Slings the good and the bad..

So I sold 12 more slings to HappyBottomus . My friends awesome store that sells my slings like hotcakes. :) I love it. I sent 4 flannel slings and 8 regular cotton slings. I am excited to see how well or fast the flannel slings sell for winter. That is the good. I also know lots of people having new babies soon, so I may be busy with that as well.

The bad is kind of embarrassing. So i was all on a high from selling 12 slings to HB. I was online messing around and was reading a blog I frequent. She just had a baby so i was thinking OOH I wonder if she would like a sling. So I emailed her telling her I could send her one for free and if she liked it maybe she could mention it on her blog. No big deal right? Wrong. She emailed me back with a short pissy reply saying that they don't except freebies, ESPECIALLY for a plug on the blog. I was embarrassed and hurt. I really didn't think of it that way. My other WAHM's and I always swap products and link to each others blogs. So i was thinking of it in that way. I really did mean it as a gift. Being naive, it never even crossed my mind that she would say no. *sigh* Oh well. Learned my lesson.

For any new moms to be out there I am getting a new shipment of fabric in soon. SO check back to the website for new beautiful fabrics.


Sarah said...

That sucks, Jaime. Was it a really popular blog? Maybe the really popular ones get emails like that all the time and they get tired of it. Still, I don't think I would ever get tired of people offering me free stuff! I'm sorry she was so snippy with you.

Sarah said...

Jaime - That is terrible. I think you handled it just fine. Who wouldn't want free stuff to sample anyway? Geez . . . don't worry about it. Besides, they're missing out because you make the best slings!! I tell all my friends with new babies about them.

Sarah said...

PS LOVE the new sling options! Especially "Blue Jack" and "Gothic" If I didn't already have one I'd be buying!

Shawn said...

seriously??? That is just crazy. You would think she could reply a bit better and just say no thank you. I'm sure I'm going to need one of those husker ones like you made in the near future. :) You did make one of those didn't you?

Jaime said...

Yes Shawn I did. It was really cute.

Thanks ladies.