Monday, October 19, 2009

Picture Mondays!

So my blog has been kind of boring lately. I read lots of other peoples blogs and they are SOO interesting. I do feel like i have a pretty interesting life, but maybe I am just not conveying it well on my blog. I have seen people do picture days and I think that is a great idea. Mondays are usually boring around here, so I am picking Monday. Also the twist will be that it is probably going to be an old picture or a picture from a past event etc...

So to kick us off. I love this picture. It is Me, My mom and my little sister Melanie. We were on vacation in Branson (Silver Dollar City). We didn't get to take a lot of family vacations back then because my mom was a single parent. I think the year was 1985, or there abouts. I also remember really enjoying this vacation because our family friends The Dulys were there with us. One thing I remember is that Brian couldn't ride the rollercoaster because of his epilepsy. Fun, that that stuck out to me as a kid. Later I developed childhood epilepsy. I grew out of mine. Brian did not. What a great picture. We all look so good. My mom looks so young and skinny. She has recently returned to her beautiful skinny self. She even wore some of my PJ's when she stayed all night recently. I am proud of you mom! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow,Thanks! That is an old picture, and my legs looked pretty good back then! LOL How cute are those two little tow headed girls!?!? Great memories!
Love you!

Melanie Nolting said...

Wow, funny, I don't even remember this picture...but I do remember the bur-fer blanket!!

Mamaperreca said...

The Bur-Fer blanket. OH yeah. I am gonna get you one for christmas with a deer, bear or something on it. HA HA!!