Monday, October 26, 2009

Greenhouse plans.

We have been talking about Greenhouse plans for a while. At first we were talking of building one. Then DH found a really great deal to buy one made of plexiglass and aluminum frame. My idea was that next spring we replace the windows on our house. Then we reuse the windows for the greenhouse. Sounds great right? I am having a tough time convincing him. Then he offered that why didn't we just buy the great deal one and have that be our Christmas gift to ourselves. Well...I think he got me there. :) I still want to find a purpose to reuse our windows. Maybe we can save them and use to build a second greenhouse or use for building a workshop sometime.

The plan is to pour a concert slab and figure out a way to heat it so we can use it year round. One idea is radiant heat in the slab. I think that is the best bet. We have kicked around several ideas, but that seems to be the easiest.

The other thing on the agenda is we are looking to buy a fireplace wood burning insert with blowers. We talked to some friends that might have one that will work. We are stalking Craigslist and also education ourselves on the best deal. I mean why not? I am home everyday. These babies will crank out enough heat for the top floor at least. We bought the chainsaw. Cutting wood is not really a problem so..... Oh and if we ever need more wood, well my brother sells it all the time. Definitely better than buying loads of gas all winter. We still have the furnace of course for the times we need it or if we run short of wood.

I have also got a gallon of water from the cistern to get it tested this week. I can't wait to start using it.


LesleyH said...


I love all your plans! So inspiring! At my parents' home, we have a wood burning stove in the basement that I'd say heats about 65% of the house (4 bedroom split level) in the winter:) My dad usually gets free firewood by agreeing to cut down or chop off fallen/damaged trees for people in town and then haul it away. And he's an early bird, so he doesn't mind getting up early to tend to the fire.

Also, your greenhouse plans are so exciting! I'm jealous:) Good luck.

Anonymous said...

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