Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tooth Fairy

Gioia lost her first tooth about a month ago. We put it in a cup but never did the tooth fairy thing. She was pretty insistent this weekend about needing the tooth fairy to come. DH and I however have a problem with lieing to the kids about that kind of thing. But on the other hand I want to let her have some of the fun and mystery of childhood things. So finally we decided to put the tooth and cup on her dresser and let the tooth fairy come. The next morning she was excited to find a quarter. She asked DH if he was the fairy he said no. Then she asked me if I was. I said Do you want me to tell you if I am, or would you rather keep it a surprise? She said she wanted to know. So i said Yes I was your tooth fairy. Then I received a scolding because I didn't take the tooth. The tooth fairy is supposed to take the tooth. She got a baggie and put the tooth in it. Then i asked her what the tooth fairy does with all the teeth. She said, The tooth fairy saves them all. Then she makes a necklace out of them and sells them to other tooth fairies.

HA HA! Ok. Good to know. SO all you other tooth fairies out there. In a couple years I will have a human tooth necklace for sale. Not to be confused with a shark tooth necklace or the like.

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