Sunday, September 27, 2009

I made pants!!

You seriously don't know how excited I am. I am an idiot when it comes to reading patterns for clothes. Especially the ones that have several size choices. So I took a chance on an E-book pattern. It is amazing and wonderful and a big slice of heaven! First thing I made was these cute PJ pants for Gioia. I love this Yoga Monkey fabric. Michael Miller of course.

Next I am going to make a pair of PJ pants for Dominic. Then the pattern also has two variations, one with cuffs on the pants, another has ruffles on the bottoms. I am going to make those as well (cuffs for D, and ruffles for G). A couple pairs for Luca too of course. I will probably make the next few pairs for Christmas gifts. It is getting close enough to start saving gifts for that occasion.

Oh yes and I didn't even mention that you can also make shorts and capris out of this pattern. Just adjust the length! WOO HOO!!
You can buy your own pattern here:

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