Saturday, September 26, 2009

Presents from grandma.

Between my mom and grandma someone has been in the hospital almost none stop for the last month. UGH! But they are both feeling much better. My mom is doing great. Grandma L is on the mend. Hopefully home to stay this time. Little over a week ago she got a helicopter ride back to the hospital. A little stressful on everyone to say the least.

Anyway, my mom came to visit this week and stayed the night. She brought the boys their birthday presents. She was recovering when we had their party. Luca got a cute giraffe ride on toy. He much prefers to push it all around the house. Dominic got his dream present DRUMS! Not just one drum. He had that already. No, no a whole trap set. He is in love. He played them until bedtime, then first thing the next morning. And no we aren't mad! LOL! We actually encouraged my mom to get them for him. SO thanks grandma elaine! He loves them!

And here is Luca. Climbing on his present with a giant carrot in his mouth. How you doin'?

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