Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Cistern.

I am so excited! This house just keeps getting better and better. :) When we bought it we were told it had a cistern and they thought it was about 1500 gallons. That is cool. We thought we could water the garden with it and such. So today it rained a bunch and I asked DH if we could try to open it up and see if it had any water in it. It was full and he says, That looks way bigger than 1500 gallons. Turns out (if we measured it right) it is around 3500 gallons. To put that in perspective we use on average 6000 gallons a month with all our laundry and such. So this is awesome! The even sweeter part is that it is hooked up to the house. The plumbing is such that it is hooked up to the cold and the hot water heater. It even has a carbon filter on it.

Isn't that COOL? Wow! During rainy weather we could use nothing but that for the month. Other months it could supply up to half our monthly usage.

We have to get it checked out and make sure it all works and such. After we get back from vacation that is at the top of the list.

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