Monday, August 31, 2009

Colorado Vaction Post #4

Ok. So next we went to Buckskin Joes Frontier Town. It was pretty cool. It is a old west town where they have gunfights and magic shows. We saw 3 gunfights and 1 magic show. The fights are pretty cool. They have several different scripts, so each fight is a different story. All of them take about 15 minutes to watch. Very cool. Then we ate at the restaurant there. We all have Buffalo Burgers with 100% buffalo meat. Very tasty! I don't really have any pictures from there but here is the website. We did not stay for the show with the "hanging".

Then we headed over to the Royal Gorge. When we got there it was $25 per adult and $19 for kids over 5. So just for M, G and I it would have been 70 dollars. We said no thanks and left. What a rip off. Just to drive over the giant hole in the earth. Instead we headed back to camp and went swimming it was about 80 that day. Later we cooked out and had Smore's.

Thursday was our last full day so we headed over to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It was really cool. We got there at opening so we were first to see the Giraffes. The let them out and there was 14 or so of them. A Lot! Then we got to feed them crackers. It was awesome! We all got to pet them on the head too. I am still excited about it. They are such huge neat animals. I DO have pictures of that. We also got to pet a Wallaby and an albino baby wallaby too.

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