Monday, August 03, 2009

Garden Phase 1 and Play Area Phase 1

I know you all want to live vicariously through me and my garden. :) So I am going to bore you to death with all the details. Here is a picture of all the beautiful raspberry and blueberry bushes I got. There is also Sage, Rosemary and Strawberries in this picture.

The tilling got delayed until Sunday because of Friday night rain. I think that actually helped though. It was pretty perfect tilling conditions, not muddy and not rock hard. DH tilled for a couple hours. He is such a good man. The second picture is the garden ready to plant. It is approximately 30 x 40. WOO HOO!. I planted 1 row of lettuce, 1 row radishes, 1 row carrots. Now this "one row" is about 20 feet long. That little puny green fence in the second picture was how much I have planted right now. Everything else is seeds started in the house. I hope to plant them at the end of the month. This is Phase 1 of the garden.

Phase one of the play area is up. Tree swings. We priced swing set and they are so darn expensive. My mom suggested hanging the swings in the trees. DH was wanting to make a fort, so we are going one step further by incorporating the trees/fort/play area all over the back yard.
The kids are loving it. Although we hung them too close together so one needs moved. My parents got Gioia the horse tire swing for her birthday.

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