Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Colorado Vaction Post #2

I finally have my pictures developed and wanted to post some of the things we did. The first full day there we went to Garden of the Gods. After that we started driving around and decided to try driving up Pikes Peak just a bit. We went up the first 3 miles and then got out at a stopping point. We hiked and took pictures. It is amazingly beautiful. Then we drove 6 more miles up and turned around and came back. If you have never driven in such places I will tell you about it. There are no shoulders or even railing on the roads. If your brakes would fail you could go off the side and down the mountain. Luckily my mom had warned me about it, so it was actually much better than I anticipated. We put the van in 1st gear and let it slow itself down. The roads are very curvy. It is quite scary driving up and down the mountain.

And last but certainly not least, is the picture of me nursing Luca at Garden of the Gods. :)

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Kararific said...

Dude man, that landscape picture is like a screensaver - just so beautiful!