Sunday, December 16, 2007

Petunia - my new friend.

We have a new friend in our house. Petunia- the sourdough starter. We whipped Petunia up last night and she has been bubbly and alive every since. Tomorrow it should be ready to start using and I am going to make some amazing looking Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls. If they turn out good I will post a picture and the link to the recipe. I also got a recipe for Sourdough Rye bread and Sourdough dinner rolls. With Christmas dinners coming up I believe it will come in handy. DH loves anything sourdough.

I went to a new salon for color and hair cut this weekend. My sister went too. It is called Chop Tops and they are in Merriam. It was great! When we got there they asked if we wanted something to drink. They offered beer, (PBR, Miller High Life, Schlitz) thanks. But we did have a glass of White Zin. I just think its hilarious. Then we got 50% off our color service with the hair cut included. I got some blonde highlights and a few funky blue pieces. I love it. It is very fun! DH said I should get the whole head blue next time. Don't think so. You can check out their MySpace page here


Anonymous said...

PBR? MHL? Schlitz? You must be kidding me! Are those a joke?

That is too funny if they're serious.


Mamaperreca said...

oh yes.They are serious. they REALLY stick with their old school theme. ;)