Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Holiday Dance Recital

Last year we didn't do the dance recitals because it was Gioia's first year in dance, and I wasn't sure she would do it. I thought she might freak out or cry. So we skipped it. Oh and also because it was 130 dollars. Yikes!! This year however, I had time to plan for the money and I thought she would be big enough to do the recital. Early in the year the teachers also started a group they call "Lucky Stars". The Lucky Stars have 3 additional shows that they do on top of the 1 regular recital. I thought that would be good for her to do and practice for the BIG show they do at the end of the year. It has been great. The first Lucky Stars show was at a nursing home. It was really nice. They did a Halloween show and we handed out treats to the residents.

The holiday show was this weekend. It was good. Gioia's group is the youngest 3-5 year olds. Well the Lucky Stars (same age group) go on stage to dance to Santa Claus is Coming. One little girl started crying and ran off stage to her mom. The rest of the girls stood stock still and no one dance, no one except Gioia and maybe 2 other girls. 2 more girls looked at the wings and cried the whole time. It was pretty funny actually. Then when her class did their number together all the girls danced and it was wonderful.

Here are some pictures from that day.

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