Friday, December 10, 2010

Work in Progress.

Every winter I am cooped up inside and get this urge to finish up old projects. So here is a list of what is going on that we are trying to work on finishing.

1. Chocolate Stars quilt - I am 3/4 done with this. Hoping to have it done before the new year.
2. Vintage quilt - This is a quilt top my Great Aunt started. She passed away recently and I am finishing it. The top is done. I need to quilt it now.
3. 2 Pairs pants for the kids for Christmas.
4. Headbands promised to two people. (cut out, almost done)
5. Sort out fabric by color and size so I know what I got.

Non sewing related:
6. Make cedar night stand for hubby side of the bed. (half the wood is bought and cut).
7. Make shelves for kitchen. (wood is already bought).

I also have various projects that I started, didn't get very far and decided I would quit. I would like to go through those and see if I could do something to finish or use it up. I have Major amounts of quilt fabric/scraps and other stuff I need to do some cleaning out.

Things I have gotten done:

1. Photo calendars made for christmas gifts.
2. Christmas cards made and sent out.

And I got a $20 gift card from my Dad and stepmom for Christmas so it will almost buy enough wood to finish the night stand. The wood working is on hold until after Christmas because I think Santa might be bringing me some tools! Yeah!

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Allison said...

I hear ya on the unfinished projects. I know I feel better when I get some of them done.

Ha I see how you are you made the night stand it goes on your side!!!!
(I'd do the same)

Yay for woodworking gifts from Santa!