Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goodbye Oscar.

Last night we lost our old dog. He was the best dog ever. He was almost 11 years old. That is pretty old for a overweight Golden Retriever.

His name was Oscar because I rescued him from a dumpster (oscar the grouch) when he was only only a few weeks old. I bottle fed him and raised him. He was a inside dog for many years. One year DH was working from home and he would take a nap with Oscar every day. One day DH didn't do it and the silly dog was on our bed howling for DH to come up. We affectionately called him Oscar Meier Weiner, The Fat Man and Fatty Maggey. If he wanted you to pet him, he would put his paw on you. Once we took a obedience class and he got certified as a pet therapy dog. It didn't really pan out because he was so big it was hard to bring him in to small nursing home rooms and such.

He was the worlds best dog and will be sadly missed.

I have some really great pictures of him as a baby but my scanner is broken. In fact I can only find a couple pictures on my computer right now.


Sarah said...

So sorry about your dog. I know they become a part of the family. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Oscar was always "smiling" in photos and when you talked to him. His loud bark was threatening only to those who did not know what a sweetie he really was. All kids remember their "first dog", and your kids will have great memories of both Oscar and Wicket. They were our "grand dogs" before we had grandkids! Hard to lose them, but great memories!! Max has some pretty big shoes to fill.
Love, Mom