Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Crafts

The kids have been doing some really fun Christmas crafts lately. One thing we did was make paper Gingerbread Men. We tried making really cookie ones and it was a miserable flop. So paper ones we are better at. On thing that really impressed me was Dominic got into it and even would trace new men on the paper and bring them to me to cut out. That would be why we have diversity in our Gingerbread Men body types. They turned out cute. I will go ahead and mention that they also have butts drawn on the backs of them. Lets face it when you are 5 and 7 butts are super funny.

This craft was really cute and fun. The Reindeer body is made from tracing your foot. The antlers are made from tracing your hands. We even did finger print eyes and thumb print nose on Dominics deer.

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