Monday, December 01, 2008

Its a circus.

Yesterday after church Gioia was quite upset we couldn't stay and talk to Father. I told her we just saw him on Saturday at the baptism where she got to hug him and all that. Then she started saying she wanted to see the circus. We were really confused. She said Father said there was a circus. First thing I thought of was our church Fundraiser, Oktoberfest. We missed it due to being sick and there was a tent and games. I told her there was no circus and i wasn't sure what she meant. So she says, Father said there was a church circus. I realized she meant "church SERVICE". So i explained that service meant Mass. A church SERVICE. She realized her error, but was disappointed there was no circus.

Dominic last night told us he needed his mattress to eat. My dinosaur mattress, he said. Oh yes, that would be your Dinosaur PLACEMAT. Not mattress. :)

The kids. They crack me up!

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