Monday, December 08, 2008

Eating metal is not ok.

My son is crazy. He has a oral sensory issue, i think. He puts everything in his mouth. Think about how a baby does with putting everything in their mouth, that is him, only he is 3. *sigh* We really do have to watch him closely. He puts marbles, paper, EVERYTHING in his mouth.

So we were decorating the Christmas tree on Tuesday. He was putting the ornaments in/on his mouth. Well they are big so i didn't think anything would happen. Later I catch him EATING one. Seriously, the thin metal kind. He had broken it and was chewing the sharp shards of metal. Some how he kept from cutting his mouth. I had him swish with water and spit it out. WHAT THE HELL? Who does that? It was crunching in his mouth "grinch style". I don't think their is anything to be done. I am going to research it a bit and see if there are recommendations of types of things to get or give kids that do this. A friend of mine said she has to chew gum constantly. She needs to have her mouth working on something and she does gum. I don't really want him to chew gum all day, but I don't want him eating metal either. Good grief.

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