Thursday, September 11, 2008

Still alive!

Well DH went back to work for half a day today and we are all still alive! Ha ha~ Actually it was an awesome day. Baby was awake for about two hours this morning and he sat in his little seat so good. I got to make breakfast, eat it AND take a shower before he started fussing for me. Thank you baby!! I just realized that makes it sound like he was in his seat for two hours. No..... :) Just off and on during that time. The bigger kids played so nice together. Then my friend and her son came and played.

This afternoon we had my 1 week checkup. So we took our first car trip. Luca just slept through it all. He got weighed and he is 7lb 1 oz. That means he gained 10 ounces in 6 days. GO BREASTMILK! I am doing great too. Check out the cheeks. :)

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gio said...

hi mamaperreca,
it's giovanni from surname's perreca too...actually i live in spain...there r not so many perreca around the globe...would it be possible that we may have the same ancestors?