Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A regular day.

Yesterday evening was not good. The kids were BRATS! I don't like to say that but its the only word for it. Gioia was in Timeout several times. No one was listening or minding us parents. DH about freaked out. Gioia was seconds from spending the rest of the night in her room. Finally DH bundled them up in coats and hats and took them outside to RUN.

So last night we talked and tried to come up with a game plan for today. It was SOOO much better, dare I say Normal. We got up, ate breakfast and DH ran to the store. The he took them to Pump it Up, (moonbounce play place). I went back to bed with baby and slept. Then lunch and play outside. Later they watched a movie and I took another nap with baby. Then here we are at evening time. No one has been in trouble all day. Dh is gonna mow the yard and I even folded some clothes.

It sounds really boring, but when you add a family member and everyone is adjusting then boring is good. :)

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mommykerrie said...

yippee ... i've found another local blogger chick who is totally cool! nice to meet ya!