Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All around the Farm.

Here are some great flowers we planted this year. Mom! They don't look like thistles now! HA HA!

Our garden is getting off to a great start. You can see our chicken coop in the background. The wooden poles next to the coop will be a finished enclosed run for the chickens. Right now they are free ranging a bit but there are problems with that of course. So the enclosed run will be nice.

Dominic helped me pick some fresh strawberries out of our garden! They taste awesome.

We planted over 10 blueberry plants. DH dug out the grass, put pine logs around the area and cedar mulch to keep the weeds out. I think it looks good. On the left is the strawberry patch. I hope to double the strawberries by next year. I need to plant some more.

The last thing of the day. My hen laid this shell-less egg. Actually what happened is she didn't lay yesterday and today I went out to find she had laid two eggs, one regular and this shell-less one. See how my thumb pushes into the egg. It is like a rubbery egg. Weird!!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, that egg is weird! Is that very common? Love the updates with all the pics, wish I had your garden!

Mamaperreca said...

NO not common on the egg. It can mean a calcium deficency but I think it was just because she had two eggs at the same time the second didn't form right.

Anonymous said...

You are right, those flowers are much more beautiful than a thistle!! (however in it's early stage, it did kinda look like a thistle!) Your hard work on the garden and fruits will pay nice dividends for the next several years!! Lots of work, but lots of fun for you and the kids!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so that was from "Mom".....sorry I forgot to sign it!! ha!