Monday, August 09, 2010

New Doghouse!

Every since moving out here to the country, we have needed a doghouse. At our last house we had a dog door in the garage, but this garage is brick and concrete so there is no where to cut a dog door. Besides, we are in the country, they are dogs, GO OUTSIDE!!! HA HA!! Now that my husband has found a free supply of great pallets, (some pine, some even hardwoods) we have a large to-do construction list. First up was the Doghouse.

Basically, it is two solid pallets for the floor. Two for each side and back. Then the front was pallets cut into the appropriate size sections. A couple pallets for the roof (again cut to fit). Then some miscellaneous boards for the trim pieces. Finally tin and a tin roof cap for the roof. Every bit of this was free (pallets and tin). For paint we did purchase paint. We got a 5 gallon bucket of Red Barn paint. The trim paint was also free, leftover from our house trim paint. So total cost around $5-$10 for paint.

We will be doing something similar on a larger scale when we build the chicken coop.

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kelly sime said...

very nice!