Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jameson Picnic

This past week was the 119th Annual Jameson Picnic. It is a small town festival that my hometown has every year. It is becoming a tradition with my kids as well.

Every year since 3 Gioia has performed in the talent show. This year she sang "In a world of my own" from Alice in Wonderland. The difference this year, was it was the first time she didn't win. This year she was in the 7-12 age group and she is 7. I sang also this year "You were meant for me" by Jewel. There were only two people in my class so I won second, $15 dollars.

Luca was also in the baby show contest and Dominic was in the Little Mister contest. Luca won, Dominic did not. I was super excited though. All my kids have now won the baby show once in there lives there. Gioia won when she was 13 months. Dominic won when he was 11 months. I don't have picture of Luca with his trophy because it was raining. In fact, the rain was pouring so hard they had to postpone the baby show for an hour. Then when it got started again it was under the food tent.

My mom was having some work done on their basement wall. So there was heavy machinery and construction going on. The boys found an awesome pile of gravel to have a great time in.

We took Max with us. He and Jackie (my parents dog) get along great. Jackie keeps him in line and loves to wrestle with him. Max was an awesome traveler in the car. He made no noise other than playing with his toy. He also didn't puke or potty in the car. So we were happy.

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Anonymous said...

Gioia was awesome with her song; hard to compete with "dancers"! Jackie misses playing with Max...Of course, Luca was too cute not to win the baby show, and Dominic had fun "winning" stuff at the carney booths and kids games, not to mention "Parade Candy"! Another fun year at the Picnic!!!
So glad you came up!
Love, Grandma Elaine