Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spring, for real this time, right??

I should have awesome pictures to post but I don't. So here is just a list of all the fun things we did this weekend!

1: The boys and I went to my moms for the weekend.
2: We watched the musical Oklahoma! and it was great!
3: Luca got to stay with his Great Grandma and had a blast.
4: The boys got to play in the hay, see cows and spend time on Papaw and Grandma's farm.
5: My hubby bought 4 apples trees and 2 plum trees AND GOT THEM PLANTED!! WOO HOO!!
6: He also bought 10 blueberry bushes and 3 raspberries. He got most of them planted.
7: I planted cabbage, broccoli and flowers.
8: Hubby got the whole garden tilled.
9: Hubby got the whole yard mowed (2 acres).
10: We watched Tangled, the new Disney movie about Rapunzel.

All in all it was a super great weekend. I will try to post some pictures soon.

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