Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kids Picnic Table

This week I made the kids a picnic table out of recycled pallets. We picked up lots of pallets for free and they are nice pallets. So I made this picnic table for the kids. The top is a whole pallet about 40x30 (roughly). Then for the benches I cut a same size pallet in half. Each half was enough to make one side of the bench. I did have to buy one 2x4 for the legs. So cost was about 3 dollars. I painted it with our giant 5 gallon bucket of barn red paint. I plan to make a grown up size table some time but its on hold for now.


Allison said...

It looks great Jaime! I have Jim getting some pallets from work, so we can make one.

Anonymous said...

I'm Impressed!!! Looks great, and I bet the kids love it! Look how handy that will be for more kitchen floor clean-up!! LOL!!
You DO come from a long line of "carpenters"!!!!!!!!!


Christina said...

That looks great Jaime. And you can't beat "free"!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, you're getting pretty good! That's awesome!