Thursday, November 05, 2009

Water test!

We got our results back from our water test. They are stellar. We have soft water, all the minerals, metals and everything came back amazingly good. Which in theory it should because its just rain water, stored in a cement well. I can't wait to start using it!

In other household news, last night my freezer was off. Luckily I noticed it before bed. I heard a chunk of ice fall inside the freezer and it was defrosting! GAHH!! I called DH to help me figure out the problem. Someone had turned the dial to OFF! That someone I am positive is about 4 years old, short, talks kind of funny. If you see the guy let me know I am not happy with him. :) I bought a lock for it, but it won't stay on.

Luca is doing his baby signs. He will sign "more" when he wants more food or wants to nurse. He also is trying to say Diaper. It comes out like Dye-da. He also is saying Na Na for nursing. I love it. He is pretty happy that he can start expressing himself.

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